Saturday, September 26, 2009

CI - Working the Subject Thoughts

This was a really interesting assignment and a fairly difficult one as well. Going in with my three subjects I had a vague idea of what I was going to do but nothing really set in stone.

My subjects were 2 action figures and a miniature pool table. I decided to add a background bar scene as well which actually complicated the assignment much more for me. I decided I was going to include a story into it where the two figures would play pool while stuff happens in the background up at the bar with some other characters.

To accomplish this is what posing and changing all of the character and stuff happening at the pool table in almost every photo, it was almost like a stop motion photo film. It was pretty primative compared to an actual film but still very difficult to do and really exhausting mentally and physically. It would have been much easier to do it on a table than on the ground. I really had no idea what I'd gotten myself into when I started it but there was no going back once I started. It was a lot of fun but very hard. I may have veered off a little from the focus of the assignment by focusing a little more on the background in several shots, but I tried to keep the 3 main subjects in the frame. It was somewhat tricky to come up with different angles and poses that kept it fresh and different from the previous photo. The harder part was making up the story as I went along and the reason the assignment took longer that I'd anticipated.

I'd definitely try something like this again but only if I had much more time. There wasn't a lot of time to complete this assignment and for that reason I shouldn't have made mine so complex. And again, if I'm ever going to do something like this again it will be on a table!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lines Assignment

I found this assignment more challenging than I thought it would be. After shooting for a while I found it hard to come up with new ways of shooting lines and still trying to be creative. If you look hard enough you will find stuff, but also it help to step away from the project for a little bit once in a while just to recompose yourself and start fresh and hopefully think and see new things to shoot.

I actually did try and shoot outside of the district at the beginning of the assignment but found that actually more difficult and wasn't finding or seeing as many things that had to deal with lines. The last part I did go back to the district and found more, but again I did find it difficult to try and get a different variety of "line" photos. I think it's something I'd like to try again at some point. It'll be interesting to see what everyone else shot and perhaps that will give me more inspiration?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Class Activity

My favorite type of photography is wildlife photography. I'm a huge lover of all type of animals and just nature/outdoors in general. I think it's a very challenging type of photography and you must be very patient but if you get that amazing shot it's all worth it.

I hope to learn how to be a better technical shooter as well as learning more about the business side of photography.

My best photography-related moment is probably the Wedding I just recently shot. It was a very challenging and intense day of shooting. I learned a little on what it takes to shoot a Wedding so it was a very good learning experience.