Sunday, November 22, 2009

Creative Imaging - Color Block

I didn't really have any set plans going into this assignment, I was just going to try and discover colors to shoot as they came, sometimes it was easy to discover colors and other times I came up with things that I could set up to shoot. Originally I was never going to shoot yellow but I came up with the egg yolk, which I thought would be an interesting photo if I shot it right. Actually for most of my colors I shot a couple of different things with the same color, and I even did a couple of other colors and would decide what I liked best after. I took 150 shots for the entire assignment, not everything worked quite like I wanted to but it was a fun challenge to try and get the most out of the colors I was working with. It was hard to just pick one for some of the colors as I liked several of the images I chose.

I've always been partial to earth tone type colors (greens, browns, orange, etc.) and I feel that those are warm and inviting colors. Never been a fan of really busy colors or really bright colors. I find they can be more stressful and harsher to the eyes and not as soothing and relaxing as the warmer more simple colors. Most of my images I thought depicted a warmer/happier feeling.

For this assignment I tried to stay away from the normal things that are often depicted with the 4 colors I chose. It was challenging to get the right composition for them and to make the most of the particular color in the frame.

I think for the most parts colors usually depict the same type of feelings for most people but it's always variations of the color or perhaps particular colors although give off either a warmer or cooler vibe it may have a different meaning from one person to the next.